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Issue New Diplomatic, Consular, International Organizations, Special Identity Card

Request to issue a card (diplomatic, consulate, international organizations, private) that is considered a residence permit for its holder. The card must be presented at the UAE airports upon arrival and departure, and the embassy must return the card to MOFAIC upon final departure from the country.

Service Procedures
1- Login to one of MoFAIC’s smart channels, through “Companies and Institutions” option, to enter username and password shared with entities authorized to apply for the service.
2- Select “Issue New Diplomatic, Consular, International Organizations, Special Identity Card” service option. Click on “Start Service” to fill in the service form and attach required documents.
3- You will receive an email with a Reference Number confirming successful application.
4- You will receive an Email informing you that the Identity Card is ready, and will be sent to you via the currier.

Service Fees
Service Type
Main - Procedural
Service Time
15 Working Days
Service Rate

Service Beneficiaries

The card is granted to administrative employees and their children who hold special passports, for a mission and official service only, and for those working in the consular and embassies of their country accredited to the state (Abu Dhabi). Also to Heads of international and regional organizations accredited to the state and members of his family (husband or wife and children), Based on what was approved in the headquarters agreement, the diplomatic member working in the diplomatic embassy accredited to the UAE and his family members (husband or wife and children), Heads of Regional and International Organizations accredited to the UAE, and to their family members (Spouse and Children) according to the provisions set forth in the Headquarters Agreement (Abu Dhabi), Members of the diplomatic staff of the foreign missions accredited to the UAE, and to their family members (Spouse and Children)

Required Documents

A coloured copy of the passport with entry stamp
A personal photo with a white background
A copy of the visa, if any

Service Application channels

• MoFAIC website • Smart Mobile App: (UAE MOFAIC)

Channels for Obtaining The Service

• MoFAIC website • Smart Mobile App: (UAE MOFAIC)

Service Procedures

Service steps

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 17: Partnerships to achieve Goals

Terms and Conditions

1- Application correctly completed.
2- All required documents attached.
3- The mission must ensure that the staff member does not have a valid residence visa on his/her passport when applying for the card.
4- Check the passport expiry date to ensure that it does not exceed six months.

For Inquiries

Please call our call center or Inquiries via the website

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