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E-Participation Policy
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation follows the E-participation guidelines provided by the Federal E-Government.
For more information about the social media, open data, and website content guidelines click here.

E-participation policy for the public:
E-participation is the participation and contribution by the public in the decision-making process by providing suggestions, proposals, and their opinions using the technology and e-participation tools available, which would have a significantly affect the Ministry objectives achievement methods.
For this particular reason, the Ministry provided various electronic communication channels for the customers; to receive their feedback and suggestions that would contribute to raising the level of customer satisfaction and eventually improve the quality of services delivered. The Ministry emphasizes its mission that to achieve transparency in communicating with customers by providing electronic channels for the customers and the general public in order to reflect any observations concerning the Ministry mission and its strategic objectives, to gather different points of view in order to enhance the services provided by the ministry, and to ensure customer satisfaction.

Ethics of Public Participation:
The Ministry has the absolute right to prohibit or omit specific formats of content. Examples of such formats are:

  • Comments that are irrelevant or out of context.
  • Any language form that implies abuse, disrespect, or disregard for religions and beliefs.
  • Comments reflecting bias, discrimination, or racism.
  • Comments that support illegal activities.
  • Comments that violate any legal right or intellectual property right
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