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Attestation Requirements

1.The Attestation procedure and submitting your documents to us
In order for the UAE Consulate to legalise your document, the following conditions must be 
a. Documents issued in the UK must be attested by the British Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). Please note that your documents will be returned to you if the document has not been attested by the FCDO. You can get your document attested by the FCDO via the following link:
(Copy and paste the link to your browser)

b. The appropriate payment to the UAE Consulate must been made. Payment instructions are provided on this page under the heading “2. Paying for attestation”.
c. The documents must be submitted via post (address is provided at the bottom of the page). We do not accept document submission in person. Please submit your document via post alongside the following:

- A printed copy of the payment receipt which must include the ATS number
- A cover letter mentioning: the type/number of documents, your name and contact details.
- A prepaid envelope with the return address written on it. Please ensure the envelope is prepaid, otherwise your application may face significant delays.

Please note that if any of the above conditions are not met, the documents will be returned to you and/or will be significantly delayed. Processing time is up to 5 working days from the day after we receive your document. It may take longer during peak seasons or if further checks are required to be made on the document.

Normal processing time is approximately 5 working days from the day after we receive your document. It may take longer during peak seasons or if further checks are required to be made on the document.

If you wish to arrange for a courier to collect your document (instead of including a prepaid envelope) then you must mention this in the cover letter. The legalization officer will contact you once the document is ready for collection.

2.Paying for your Attestation
We only accept payments via the MOFAIC attestation service. Please follow the instructions to make your online payment.

a- Visit the following link: (copy and paste the link to your browser)
b- Click “start service” create an account then log in. (If you are facing difficulty creating an account using the UAE pass, then you can create an account as a company and move on to the next step)
c- Choose the type of document you wish to attest.
d- When prompted to select the location required for attestation, you must select “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. IMPORTANT: We will be unable to process your document if the wrong location is selected, and will return your document unprocessed.
e- Complete the payment, print the receipt, and send it alongside your document and other requirements (see heading 1)

You can check the document type and associated fees by visiting the link:

The payment system is operated by MOFAIC. Please contact them directly if you are facing any technical issues. 

4.The attestation procedure for documents issued outside the UK

- Documents issued in the UAE: Must be attested by MOFAIC in the UAE first
- Documents issued in Ireland: Must be attest by the Irish Foreign Affairs first
- Documents issued in Iceland: Must be attested by the Icelandic foreign affairs first
- Documents issued by British Overseas Territories require an apostille from the Government of the Territory concerned prior to submission for the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). British Overseas Territories : (Anguilla – Montserrat – Bermuda - Cayman Islands - Pitcairn Island - British Antarctic Territory - St Helena-British Indian Ocean Territory - St Helena dependencies (Ascension Island, Tristan da Cunha) - British Virgin Islands - South Georgia and the South Islands - Falkland Islands - Turks and Caicos Islands –Gibraltar).
- Documents issued in British Crown Dependencies (Jersey - Guernsey - Isle of Man) must be attested by their respective Foreign Office first. 
- Documents issued outside the above outlined countries must be notarized by a solicitor, then stamped by the respective consulate in the UK, and then attested by the FCDO. They will be attested upon the discretion of the legalization officer upon review. 

5.Things to be aware of

- We may not be able to answer all phone calls. Please send us an email with your query:
- We do not provide an expedited service.
- We do not attest education certificates issued outside UK, Ireland or Iceland
- Non UK, Irish or Icelandic issued Document(s) are legalised at the discretion of the legalisation officer upon review
- Refund request for wrong payments take 90 days to process. 
- In the event a prepaid envelope and contact details are not included we reserve the right to discard the document within 6 months of the submission of the application without prior notice.
- The FCDO may not legalise document issued outside the UK.
- Power of attorney and similar legal documents must be original and signed in the presence of a UK notary public prior to submission to the FCDO.
- Documents apostilled in a bundle are not accepted. They must be attested separately with separate payments.
- Memorandum and articles of association documents must be attested separately with separate payments.
- The power of attorney which mention commercial content require a commercial document payment.
- If you wish to receive your document by post/Courier you must arrange the mail service/Courier yourself. Registered or recorded stamp is required/ Airway Bill must be submitted to our email.

If you are having trouble with the outlined procedure and/or making the payment, you can have your documents attested by us via one of the approved consular services companies listed:

- De Pinna Notary Public: - – 02072082900

- Vistra: - – 02038727600

- Premium Legalisation Services: - – 02081443188

- Argentum: - – 02071524010

Contact Information

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Telephone:+442075811281 We are unable to answer all phone calls. Please send us your query to our regularly monitored email. 



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