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Attest Official Documents, Certificates and Commercial Invoices

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation provides attestation services for all kinds of documents.The purpose of this procedure is to check the validity of stamp and signature on such documents, whether issued inside or outside Country. This covers attestation services provided by Customer Happiness Centers in UAE as well as UAE missions abroad to include the legalization process of ordinary certificates issued inside and outside UAE. This encompasses educational and medical certificates, marriage and divorces contracts, powers of attorney, etc., in addition to the attestation service of commercial contracts and agreements. Service Procedures: 1- Registration: Log in MoFAIC website and register according to customer (individuals/ companies). The required information is to be entered by customer according to fields. 2- Application Process: To submit the application, please fill in the required fields, attach a copy of document, and select the body where attestation is to be done as per document type. 3- Review of application: The application process is to be reviewed by UAE Embassy / Customer Happiness Centers within the UAE. In case conditions are met, the approval is to be sent to customer to complete payment process. 4- Payment of Fees: After obtaining the approval of the payment process, log in MoFAIC website (username - password), select “My Tasks”, and start payment process. 5. Receipt of documents: After completing the payment process, it is possible to visit UAE Embassy / Customer Happiness Centers inside the UAE to attest original document and then deliver the same to customer.

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