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Electronic Service Agreement

The Electronic Service Agreement hereunder shall be deemed an integral part of the Terms of use of MoFA’s website.

Data Collection and Usage

The data collected via MoFA’s website shall never be sold to, shared with, or rented out to any third party.


In many parts of this website, the user may be requested to complete a registration application form and provide contact information (including but not limited to name and email address). The user’s contact information will be used to contact applicants and inform them of the status of their request as and when required.

Service Delivery Period

The service delivery period depends on the type of service. For example, in the Twajudi Section, the system shall immediately send an email when the user completes and submits the form. Then the user will be contacted through saved contact numbers in cases of problems or emergencies while travelling outside the UAE. Twajudi is a services provided by MoFA to UAE nationals abroad to communicate with them when necessary. 

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