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Career opportunities

Work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers exciting opportunities for professional growth and career progression, It is characterized by continuous development and diversity, with prospects for dynamic diplomatic and administrative posts and opportunities to gain international experience by representing the country abroad

The diplomatic corps is made up of the following positions (in order of seniority):

  • Ambassador
  • Minister Plenipotentiary
  • Minister Councellor
  • Councellor
  • First Secretary
  • Second Secretary
  • Third Secretary
  • Attache

In addition to these senior diplomatic ranks, administrative functions are structured according to a ten-level system, ranked highest to lowest from grade one to grade ten. Grading is dependent on academic qualifications and years of experience. Opportunities for promotion and professional development usually become available upon completion of further training courses.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces job openings through the official state media channels as well as its own website. Applicants who are interested in applying for these vacancies have simply to complete an application form and attach their CV with their submission.

Every application is carefully evaluation according to a standard assessment process, with the aim of selecting the most talented and capable personnel whose additional loyalty and commitment will assist the Ministry in achieving its strategic objectives. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs assures the privacy of all applicants and maintains strict confidentiality with regards to identification documents, test results, interview reports, in addition to security and medical reports. Furthermore, successful applicants to a career in the Ministry are not required to share the above results to any other person.

Personal Interviews

Personal interviews with Ministry officials are one of the most important steps in the recruitment of administrative and diplomatic employees. An interview presents an opportunity to learn more about the candidate and his or her expectations, attitudes, motivations and interests. It is also an ideal chance for the applicant to meet with Ministry officials, to ask questions about the Ministry’s functions, strategic plans and institutional culture, as well as to get an idea of the job’s responsibilities and expected productivity, the work environment and administrative functions, and the general scope of diplomatic work

Interview results remain the confidential property of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and are not shared with applicants. Candidates are only contacted if their application is successful.

The Ministry maintains is right to reject any application in which the information is found to be inconsistent, untrue or intentionally manipulated.

Preparing for an interview

The interview is one of the most important steps toward securing a job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Applicants can prepare well by following this guide:

  • Arrive at the interview location early and introduce yourself to the receptionist
  • Ensure that your personal appearance is clean and neat. Keep your clothing, accessories, perfumes and makeup low-key and professional
  • Bring all valid identification documents and show them to the recruitment officer when requested
  • Be honest and credible with regards to your previous work experience and record of behaviour
  • Pay careful attention and ensure that you understand all interview questions correctly. Answer the questions directly, without wandering beyond the scope of the subject
  • Before the interview, visit the website at to familiarize yourself with the strategies, objectives and latest news from the Ministry
  • Maintain your calm and composure, and try to present yourself and your ideas in a structured way that doesn't waste the time of the interview panel
  • Avoid negative responses to difficult questions, such as your reasons for leaving your previous position or differences with past employers or colleagues. Present your answers in a professional, persuasive and simple manner
  • Express interest and enthusiasm by asking some questions of your own once the interviewers have completed their questions

Conditions of diplomatic and administrative work

An employee in the diplomatic or consular field should meet the following requirements:

  • Be a citizen of the United Arab Emirates
  • Be no younger than 21 years
  • Have a good reputation
  • Have no criminal record of a felony or dishonorable misdemeanor, unless pardoned by the competent authorities according to the law
  • Hold no record of dismissal from a previous job by virtue of disciplinary action
  • Not be married to a foreign woman, even one who is a national of an Arab country or one who is an Arabic woman in a non-Arab country 
  • Be declared healthy and fit by an authorized State medical committee. This requirement does not apply to those appointed to the rank of Minister Plenipotentiary and higher
  • Diplomatic jobs require a minimum academic qualification of a university degree from a recognized university or higher education institution
  • Administrative require a minimum academic qualification of a high school diploma
  • Must successfully pass the Ministry’s oral and written tests

Interview process

The interview process comprises several stages, as illustrated here:

Application form and reference number

  • All of those who apply for a job in the Ministry should complete the application form in full and submit a CV along with the form
  • The applicant should save the reference number that is provided as it will be required when reviewing and following up on the application, when sitting for tests and when attending an interview.

First-level tests

  • All applicants for work in the Ministry (regardless of qualification, experience and age) are required to undergo a series of psychological tests to determine their abilities and training needs. These results form an integral part of the comprehensive case study that is established for the consideration of each individual applicant. No single test result receives more focus than the others

First-level tests comprise the following:

First- level tests

Diplomatic positions Administrative positions
English Language test – 1 hour English Language test – 1 hour
Arabic Language test – 1 hour Arabic Language test – 1 hour
Computer Skills test – 30 minutes Computer Skills test – 30 minutes
Diplomatic Culture test – 1 hour 30 minutes Secretarial Typing Skills (Arabic and English) - 10 minutes

Second-level tests

Upon successful completion of the first phase of tests, an appointment will be scheduled for the applicant to go forward to the following second-level tests

Second-level tests

Diplomatic posts Administrative Jobs
Psychological Assessment – 2 hours General Knowledge test – 1 hour
Research Presentation – up to 45 minutes.
The employment officer will provide the research topic



Applying to MOFAIC

You may apply to vacancies at MoFAIC by sending your CV to the following email

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