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UAE-Relations – Austria

  • Bilateral relations between UAE and Austria are being strengthened in various fields, especially the political and economic fields. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz visited the UAE twice in 2018 and 2019 accompanied by a high-level economic delegation.
  • Economically, there are important indicators that reflect the positive development in economic relations, such as the increase in direct investments and the volume of trade exchange between the two countries. 
  • The UAE currently ranks first on the list of Austria's most important trading partners in the Middle East region and the Gulf Cooperation Council region, where the volume of trade exchange between the two countries in 2019 amounted to 1,116 billion dollars including free zones. 
  • The value of Emirati direct investments in Austria increased to 10.445 billion euros, while the value of Austrian direct investments in the UAE increased during 2018 to 5.589 billion euro, which reflects the efforts of the two countries to strengthen the commercial partnerships. 
  • In 2018, OMV acquired stakes in two oil fields in the UAE worth 1.36 billion euro, and in 2019, OMV signed a strategic partnership agreement with ADNOC to acquire a 15% stake in ADNOC Refining Company. 
  • More than 400 Austrian companies are operating in the UAE as the main center for managing their business in the Gulf, North and East Africa and parts of India, Meanwhile, the UAE has become the main crossing for Austria's exports to the Middle East region. 
  • Several Austrian companies concluded significant projects in the UAE. Among them are the Al Maqta Bridge, Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Dubai Floating Bridge, the Dome of the Louvre, The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center

UAE-Relations – Slovak Republic

  • The volume of trade exchange, including non-oil free zones, in 2019 between the two countries reached 373.1 million euros, and the volume of trade exchange including non-oil free zones in 2018 reached 398 million euros, with a change of -6.2%. The volume of non-oil direct trade exchange in 2019 reached 254.8 million euros, while 2018 was 300.5 million euros, a change of -15.2%. 
  • The total number of Slovak companies in the UAE is approximately 93. Fly Dubai operates three times weekly flights to and from Bratislava.

UAE-Relations – Slovenian Republic

  • The volume of trade exchange, including non-oil free zones, in 2019 amounted to 154.1 million euros, compared to 2018 being 160.8, with a significant change of -4.2%. As for the volume of non-oil direct trade exchange in 2019, it reached 98.5 million euros, compared to 2018 106.8, with a significant change of -7.7 %. 
  • The number of Slovenian companies in the United Arab Emirates reached about 50 companies, while the UAE tourists came to the Republic of Slovenia about 43,483 tourists in 2016.
  • The most important exported goods from the UAE to Slovenia include aluminum and its products, plastic and rubber products, clothes, essential oils, and re-exported goods from the UAE that include auto parts, machinery, appliances, electrical equipment and mechanical devices.
  • The most important imported goods from Slovenia include steel, iron, wood and wood materials. Pharmaceutical products, machinery, electrical equipment and their parts, instruments, optical and photographic devices, instruments and precision instruments, medical and surgical devices, boilers, ceramic and glass products, stone and plaster.
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