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UAE-Relations – Austria

  • The Embassy held many cultural and social activities in the Republic of Austria, within the framework of strengthening bilateral relations and cultural and public diplomacy.
  • On June 18, the Embassy participated in the international festival to tell the story "Folke Tegetthoff" in its 32nd session in one of the most important cultural centers in the capital Vienna, which gathered the brightest stars to tell stories from all over the world.
  • On February 28, 2020, the UAE embassy in the Republic of Austria participated in the cultural celebration organized by the Arab League Mission in Austria in cooperation with the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the slogan "cultural partnership and extended history", on the occasion of the launching of the activities of the Arab-Austrian cultural season 2020, which aims to enhance.
  • The bonds of friendship, cultural exchange and relations between the Arab countries and the Republic of Austria. 
  • The Embassy, in coordination with the Austrian side, also held the evening of the Emirati-Austrian concert, the Embassy also carried out a number of humanitarian and projects and activities in Austria that aimed to provide the necessary support and assistance to orphans and the role of the handicapped.
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