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Can a visa be obtained if the visitor's passport is valid for less than six months?

The passport expiry date should not be less than six months. For those transiting with special permits, the period of validity of their passports should not be less than three months.

Can a visitor to the United Arab Emirates travel with a one-way plane ticket?

One of the conditions for allowing entry into the United Arab Emirates is to have a round trip ticket, or at least one ticket showing that the person is continuing the journey to a different destination from the origin.

Can I drive in the United Arab Emirates with a Brazilian driver's license?

No, the Brazilian driver's license is not accepted in the UAE. Tourists must obtain the international model license in advance to be able to rent a vehicle and comply with the requirements presented by rental companies in accordance with local law. Brazilians with a resident visa must take classes and take the driving test to obtain a valid license.

Can I enter the UAE with my grandchildren?

Yes, with the written approval of the parent or guardian.

Can I enter the UAE with my stepchildren without their birth parents?

Yes, with written parental approval or proof of custody.

Do Brazilians need a visa to travel to UAE?

No. The visa waiver agreement between Brazil and the United Arab Emirates has been in effect since July 2018. The ordinary, official and diplomatic Brazilian passport holder no longer needs a visa for 90 days every 12 months.

How do I get a work or student visa for the UAE?

In case of a work or study related visa, the company or educational institution will perform all processes to provide the visa, which will be valid according to the contract.

How is the legalization of documents made?

Payment is made via or bank transfer or E-Emirati Dirham.

How much does it cost to legalize a document?

Values may vary by document type and may also change from month to month.

I am not a Muslim, but I want to visit some mosques in the UAE. Is it possible?

Visits to mosques can be easily arranged through your tour agent or hotel. Make sure you are dressed appropriately.

I need to legalize documents. What is the procedure?

Steps for document legalization: 1. Perform a sworn translation of the document in Portuguese to Arabic or English; 2. Recognize the notary translator's office; 3. Forward the documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for chancery. For information about the MRE seal, contact the Ministry itself or visit the website:; 4. Access the website and complete the form; 5. Enter the payment card details and complete the payment process; 6. Finally, submit the documents to the Embassy according to the above instructions. All documents to be legalized by this embassy must be personally delivered to the embassy or mailed or SEDEX or forwarding agent. Seção Consular SHIS QI 05 Chácara 54 – Lago Sul Brasília - D.F. 71600-580 When leaving your documents at the embassy or posting them, be sure to envelope your name, zip code or CNPJ, full address, telephone contact and email address for further legalization contact.

Is health free for foreigners in the UAE?

No. If you need medical treatment, you or your travel insurance company will need to cover the costs.

Is it safe for women to travel alone to the UAE?

Yes, the UAE is one of the safest countries in the world.

My document is laminated and I want it to be legalized. What should I do?

Before you provide the documents to the embassy, you need to remove the lamination (if not completely, at least part of it).

What are the opening hours?

The Consular Section of the United Arab Emirates Embassy receives legalization documents from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email at or by telephone at +55 61 3248 0717 extension 107.

What are the rules and fees for traveling with animals?

All animals must have a valid import permit issued by the country of destination and a valid health certificate, including relevant vaccination records. Guide dogs may arrive at the cabin or as checked baggage, if in compliance with regulations and if the airline permits. Your pet must have a transit permit to transit the UAE overland. Prior transit authorization from the Ministry for cats and dogs ( that cross the country as a consignment must be obtained. They must be accompanied by an import license from the importing State and a veterinary health certificate or vaccination document showing that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies. For more information visit the Emirates website:

What is the deadline for legalizing documents?

The deadline for legalization of documents is 2 business days.

What medication can I bring to the UAE?

Some prescription and non-prescription drugs available in Brazil are controlled substances in the United Arab Emirates. This type of medication is not allowed without prior authorization from the UAE Ministry of Health. Check the list of prohibited drugs and other drug information at this link:

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