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  • Services of the Consular Affairs Section at the Embassy of the UAE to the Kingdom of the Netherlands Serving Emirati citizens out of the UAE is one of the main reasons for the existence of the diplomatic mission, so the embassy strives to provide the best consular services to all Emirati citizens residing in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as well as providing services to foreigners who are wishing to travel to or interested in the United Arab Emirates. The consular section at the embassy welcomes all your inquiries.
  • The most important topics that concern the consular section:

    • Follow up on citizens' affairs and the problems they face and help them in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

     • Follow up on students and facilitate their experience.

    • Attestations of commercial documents or individual certificates.

    • Responding to customer inquiries, either by phone or by the following e-mail:     

  • More information in this regard: Visa: The wise leadership and the Immigration Departments in the United Arab Emirates have lately taken significant measures regarding the issuance of visa, which will ease and facilitate the traveler’s journey to the country. Therefore, various types of visas have been released depending on the purpose of entry. For more details, please visit the website of the UAE Ministry of Interior.
  • Dutch citizens Dutch citizen will be granted a visit visa free of charge on their arrival to the UAE.
  • The ordinary passport will simply be stamped with the visit visa when passing through the borders at any airport of the UAE.
  • The visitor may stay for a maximum period of 90 days in any 180 – day period.
  • Passport Validity: 6 months from the date of departure. Entry with provisional passports is no longer possible.
  • Entry with travel document is not possible. All visitors should have a valid return travel ticket.
  • Foreign spouses of Dutch citizens are required to have a visa before departure and this depending on the nationality. Please check the table for Non-Dutch citizens for more details. The European Union and the Schengen region are exempted from the state's entry visa on the principle of reciprocity.
  • Netherlands Citizens & EU Countries Members
  • Visit Visa Citizens of Netherlands and Passport holders of the countries listed below will be granted a free of charge visit visa on arrival in the UAE.
  • No application in advance of travel is necessary.
  • Your passport will simply be stamped with the visit visa as you pass through Immigration at any airport in the UAE.
  • You are allowed to stay for 90 days within a period of 180 days a year.

"Norway Austria Belgium Sweden Malta Estonia France Germany Poland Latvia Greece Iceland Slovakia Czech Switzerland Netherlands Hungary Slovenia Bulgaria Romania Liechtenstein Portugal Spain Cyprus Denmark Finland Italy Lithuania Luxembourg Croatia"

Important for travel document holders:

  • The Embassy of the U.A.E. in the kingdom of the Netherlands and the Immigration Office in the U.A.E cannot issue visa for travel document holders.
  • Our Services:

1- Police Clearance Certificate from the UAE Obtaining a Police Clearance/ Good Conduct Certificate from the UAE requires the applicant to produce fingerprints attested by the relevant Dutch authority. Please, see this Link:

2- Missing passport for foreign nationals residing in the UAE Please, check the below link:

3- Documents Attestation - Commercial Certificates and Invoices legalization:

• Any commercial certificate such as Commercial Power of Attorney or Resolution of the Board of Directors…etc, should be first legalized by the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands or the ministry of foreign affairs.

• All documents and commercial invoices must be legalized by the Embassy first, before submitting them to the United Arab Emirates.

• The legalization fee for a commercial certificate is 2000 AED.

• Certificates of Origin and Commercial Invoices will only be legalized together.

• The legalization fees for the original invoice are charged according to their total amount.

• The legalization fee for a certificate of origin is 150 AED.

 • All applications can be submitted by an intermediary agency.

  • Other types of certificates:

  • All provided documents must be legalized by the ministry of foreign affairs in the Netherlands and the embassy of the United Arab Emirates, to submit them to the United Arab Emirates.
  • The legalization fee for a certificate is 150 AED, for Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate or Academic Certificates ...etc.


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