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Dutch media interested in the arrival of the Hope Probe to Mars orbit

Wed 10/2/2021

The Dutch media was interested in the arrival of the Hope Probe to the orbit of Mars, and stated that the first spacecraft of the United Arab Emirates reached the orbit of Mars, adding that the Hope Probe covered a distance of more than 480 million kilometers, noting that the space probe was launched in June of last year from the Japanese space base Tanegashima. The media indicated that the Emirati probe will, for at least two years, take a comprehensive look at the atmosphere and weather in the vicinity of Mars, noting that in addition to the research mission, this space flight is considered, especially for the United Arab Emirates, a technological mission where the UAE wants to look beyond oil and inspire younger generations with science and technology, and it also wants to verify whether it is possible to operate manned space flights in the future, indicating that the UAE has chosen when developing the Hope Probe to cooperate with more experienced partners instead of doing this alone or buying a spacecraft from anywhere else. It explained that the Emirati engineers and scientists have collaborated with researchers from the Universities of Colorado and Berkeley in California and the University of Arizona, noting that what is remarkable about this composition is that it is not only an international team, but also consists of 30% of women, and that's something we haven't seen in other tasks. The media noted that the Mars mission, "Hope", is not the only space mission that the United Arab Emirates is undertaking. In September 2019, Hazza Al Mansoori became the first Emirati astronaut to travel to the International Space Station (ISS), indicating that the second Emirati astronaut was Sultan Al Neyadi, noting that the main goal of the mission is to put the UAE on the map in the year in which the country celebrates its anniversary. The state looks to science and technology as a source of income for the future when oil runs out, explaining that the United Arab Emirates has had its own space agency since 2014.

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