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 Website Objective

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation aims at making its website the main portal for those wishing to access MoFAIC services and information.

Target audience: audience shall include everyone in need of MoFAIC services or information in the UAE and abroad.

The intended audience may be divided into the following categories:

  • UAE nationals inside the UAE and abroad
  • All UAE residents
  • All individuals outside the UAE

Contact the MoFAIC

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation places great importance on connecting with its customers. It believes that such communication would enhance the existing confidence between both parties, and contribute to improving the services and enriching the information published on the portal.

Therefore, MoFAIC provides different interactive channels and platforms to connect with its customers. These channels include:

  • "Contact Us" on MoFAIC Site.
  • "Tawajudi" Service
  • "Frequently Asked Questions" on MoFAIC Site.
  • The electronic portal of the UAE missions abroad.

General Rules

Pursuing its quest to be the main portal for MoFAIC services and information, the MoFAIC website strives to facilitate, develop and avail procedures around the clock, and to make them accessible to all targeted audiences from any computer with internet connection.

In principle, the MoFAIC aims to:

  • Provide information and services through this portal around the clock (24/7)
  • Provide several channels for connecting with targeted audiences. Listen to their suggestions about developing the services and policies in addition to enhancing the content through ;continuous upgrading and updating …etc.
  • Adopt the highest security measures to protect the users' data and information
  • Maintain the confidentiality of targeted audiences' information
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