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Strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2017-2022


  • Promote the UAE through effective diplomacy to support security, stability, development, and deliver excellence in services and care for citizens abroad.


  • Collaboration and co-existence in pursuit of stability and prosperity in the region and the world.

Strategic Objectives


  • We are committed to servicing, with excellence, our UAE citizens as well as those who choose to visit, live, and work in the UAE.
  • Regional Stability: We promote stability in the region and beyond through establishing strategic relationships.

Active Global Responsibility

  • We create tangible positive impact on the global development agenda working with regional and international partners to pursue mutual interests.


  • We work with partners towards mutual prosperity through expanding the existing economic sectors and creating new ones.


  • Ensure that all administrative services are in accordance with the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency.


  • Ingrain a culture of innovation into the institutional work environment.


  • Loyalty and devotion: to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and its President.
  • Outstanding leadership: To actively contribute to achieving the vision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Teamwork: diplomatic and administrative cadres available and qualified to support and work as one team in order to achieve the interests of the state and its citizens.
  • Excellence in performance: renew and revitalize diplomatic skills of the cadre and provide opportunities, resources and technical assistance to enable them to perform their duties efficiently.
  • Distinct partnerships: build special relationships that take into account the needs and requirements of the beneficiaries and partners.
  • Continuous learning and improvement: to encourage learning, creativity and innovation to achieve progressive development and continuous improvement.
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