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Important Notice:

  • The UAE embassy in Stockholm does NOT issue any type of visas in the present time.
  • Swedish temporary passports (provisoriska pass) are NOT eligible for travel to the UAE. UAE 

Visa for other Nationalities GCC citizens: If you are a national citizen of a GCC country, you do not require a visa to visit the UAE.

You will simply need to produce your GCC country passport or ID Card upon arrival at the point of entry into the UAE. 

AGCC Residents

Other Nationalities:

For more information about UAE visas (types, fees, and requirements please visit this page:

Citizens or holders of 6 months valid passports issued by EU states listed below (Diplomatic – Official- Service –Ordinary) are exempted from UAE Entry Visa Requirements, according to reciprocity

  • Sweden, Austria, Malta, Poland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, Lithuania, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Latvia, Italy, France, Denmark, Slovakia, Spain, Greece, Estonia, Croatia, Luxembourg, Belgium, Finland, Iceland, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgari, Cyprus, Czech, Liechtenstein, and Montenegro
  • They may stay for a maximum period of 90 days in any 180 – day period.

Citizens or holders of 6 months valid passports issued by States listed below are exempted from UAE Entry Visa Requirements

  • United States OF America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Monaco, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, San Marino, Canada, Japan, Korea, Vatican, Andorra, Hong Kong, Ireland, Russia, Bahamas, and Republic of India (they may stay for a maximum period of 30days.)
  • Indian passports holding an EU / British residence permits valid for at least 6 months.

Citizens or holders of 6 months valid passports issued by States listed below (Ordinary type) are exempted from UAE Entry Visa Requirements, according to reciprocity:

  • Seychelles, Bahamas, Argentina, and China

Important Notice:

If you do not fall into one of the above categories, you will require a visa and a sponsor for your visit. 

The sponsor normally applies for the visa on your behalf.

Valid sponsors may be as follows:

  • Hotels and Tourist Companies can apply, on your behalf, for a Tourist Visa (valid for 30 days); or a Service visa (valid for 14 days); or a Visit Visa (valid for 30 days and can be extended for other 30 days) 
  • Airlines & Airlines Handlers apply on behalf of their crew members for a 96-hour Transit Visa.
  • Other Organizations based in the UAE may only apply for Visit Visas and Service Visas.
  • Individuals (Relatives or Friends) already resident in the UAE may, subject to guidelines, also apply on your behalf for a Visit Visa. Transit Visa Transit passengers stopping at Dubai International Airport for a minimum of 8 hours and meeting the certain conditions mentioned below are eligible for obtaining a 96-hour transit visa. 

These conditions are as follow:

  • Airlines sponsored only (prior arrangements maybe required).
  • Applications should have confirmed onward booking to the 3rd destination. 
  • The transit passenger must have a valid passport and a valid continuing, as opposed to return, air ticket.
  • The transit passengers must leave the UAE within 96 hours after the visa was issued. The transit visas for passengers arriving at Dubai International Airport can be arranged by any Airline for its passengers or by Marhaba Services for those travelling on other airlines. 


Tel: 00971 4 2162657; 2164629 


Diplomatic /Official Passports Holders of diplomatic and official passports are required to apply with the UAE Consulate for an Entry Visit Visa prior to travel. 

The following documents needs to be submitted: 

  • Note verbal from their embassies or diplomatic missions. 
  • Please include the following information in the note: purpose of entry, date of entry, duration of stay, visa type (multiple or single) and departure date from Sweden. 
  • Valid Passport for at least six months. 
  • Travel itinerary. Click to download Visa Application Form

Visiting Address: The Legalization Office St. Torsgatan 2,5th floor, 111 23 Stockholm Visas Contact Information

Tel: +46 (0) 8 440 03 20

Fax: +46 (0) 8 411 12 45


Working Hours Consular Services:

Visas, Passports & Legalization Monday - Thursday: 09:00 to 11:00

General Information:

Information concerning visa requirements for those wishing to travel to the UAE is listed below, however visa regulations and costs are subject to change and should always be checked with you travel agent or local UAE embassy before travelling:

Do not overstay your visa as this will result in detention and fines.

All visitors should have a valid return travel ticket and a passport valid for a minimum period of six months for tourism and employment. Resident visas and work permits are issued by the relevant authorities in the UAE after an application from a prospective employer

Types of Visas: 

Visit Visa:

Please see the schedules above. 

Short Visit

  • Except for citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council who do not require a visa and automatically entitled to visit visas on entry, all other visitors who wish to enter UAE must obtain a visit visa in advance through a sponsor. 
  • The sponsor can be your travel agency, your hotel, the company or department with which you are doing business in the UAE, or an individual (e.g. a relative or friend resident in the UAE).
  • You can pick up this visit visa on arrival at the airport, The Visa is valid for two months before entering the UAE and it entitles the holder to stay in the Country for 30 days and is non-renewable.
  • A fee of 500 Dirham plus a Dh10 delivery charge for this service.
  • In order to complete your application, your sponsor will require your date of arrival, flight details, and a photocopy of the first few pages of your passport, which should be valid for at least three months.
  • A hotel will only provide a visa if you are a guest.
  • For an individual to sponsor a visit visa, he or she must earn over Dh4000 per month and hold a valid residence visa. Your visit visa must be deposited at airport immigration one hour before the arrival of your flight.
  • Note that your airline may require evidence (e.g. a photocopy) before departure, that a valid visa awaits you on arrival.

Long Visit Visa

  • This visa has the same requirements as the Short Visit Visa but will cost Dh 1000 and entitles the holder to 90 days stay in the country.
  • Multiple Entry Visa This visa, often used by business people who are frequent visitors to the UAE, entitles the holder to multiple entries into the country for a period of six months from day of issuance with a stay of no more than 14 days each time. 
  • The Visa will cost Dh2000.

Tourist Visa

  • This special category of visit visa is available for individual tourists from East and West Europe who are not entitled to a visa on arrival, as well as visitors from Thailand, South Africa and China.
  • The tourist visa, which must be sponsored by hotels and tour operators, entitles its holder to a 30-day stay and is non-renewable.
  • The fee is Dh100, with an additional Dh10 for delivery.

Transit Visa

  • All passengers passing through UAE airports while flying to or from Europe, United States, Asia or Africa can obtain a special 96-hour transit visa, which is sponsored by an airline operating in the UAE. 
  • The traveler must have a valid ticket for onward flight and the duration between the two trips is not less than 8 hours.

Student Visa

  • Student visas must be sponsored by one of the licensed Universities or Educational Institutions in the UAE, which are recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Medical Treatment

  • Patients seeking medical treatment in the UAE must be sponsored by medical establishments, both in public and private sectors, and approved by the Ministry of Health or Health Authority of the emirate. 
  • Visas in this category are valid for 60 days from the date of arrival and can be renewed twice for 60 day periods.

Exhibitions / Festivals / Conferences

  • Visas in this category must be sponsored by the organizers of the events in both public and private establishments.
  • Visas in this category are valid for only 30 days from the date of arrival and not renewable.

Mission Visa

  • This 14-day non-renewable visa is issued to businessmen and professionals.
  • It must be sponsored by a company or its consultant or a licensed hotel.
  • Fee is AED 320 and a deposit of AED 1000, refundable upon departure of the sponsored person. 

Traveling with Medication

  • Please note that all medications which are carried by passengers entering to UAE or transiting through its ports are subjected for inspection by UAE Ministry of Health officer upon their arrival at one of the UAE air, land or sea Ports.
  • The officer has the right to ban or allow the entry of the medications to the country.
  • Travelers entering to the UAE or transiting through one of its ports are not allowed to take medications which are listed under the (PROHIBITED) column even if it is prescribed by an authorized physician/ doctor in Sweden/Estonia.

Travelers who are carrying medications which are listed under Narcotic, Psychotropic, CDA (Controlled Drugs A) and CDB (Controlled Drugs B) should fulfill the following requirements:

A valid medical letter from an authorized physician / doctor which includes:

  • The full name of the traveler.
  • Scientific name/s of the medication/s.
  • Quantity of medication/s which is going to be carried by the traveler. (Amount of medicines carrying by any traveler should not exceed for more than 30 days of treatment).
  • Date of arrival and departure from UAE. Authenticate (authentication stamp not Apostille) the medical letter from a Notary Public.

Please visit the Ministry of Health home page for more details: 

Please click the following link to get access to the 12 pages list of medications which has list of the prohibited and the other categories of medications: 

Other consulate services

Entry of household’s pets into the UAE Applicants wishing to enter the United Arab Emirates with their household pets must present the following documents (in advance): 

  • Copy of pet owner's passport. 
  • Pet must have passport containing its description. 
  • Pets' Microchip Number. 
  • Certificates of pet's vaccinations (especially Rabies vaccination). 
  • Certificate stating pet's last Rabies vaccination. (Time of vaccination must be at least 21 days before entering the United Arab Emirates). 
  • Pet must not be less than four (4) months old. 
  • Fee of 200 AED (Arab Emirate Dirham) for entry approval of pet. Customs clearance in the UAE is fast and efficient.
  • No customs duties are applied to personal belongings. However, since the UAE is an Islamic country, religious propaganda, potentially offensive printed matter, CDs videos or films should not be brought into the country. 
  • All personal imports of such materials are checked at customs. Since strict copyright laws are being enforced in the UAE, pirated video and audiotapes or illegal computer software will be confiscated. Needless to say, controlled substances such as cannabis, opium etc., are banned and the penalties for handling these drugs are severe.
  • If a blood test for illegal drug usage proves positive, you can be charged with a criminal offence – even if you used the drug before arrival in the UAE. 
  • The importation of firearms and dangerous weapons is also restricted. Duty free allowances 2000 cigarettes; 400 cigars; 2 kg tobacco; 2 litres of spirits and 2 litres of wine (non-Muslims only) and perfume.
  • It is prohibited to import alcohol into Sharjah and you are generally not allowed to bring alcohol into the country if you are travelling by land.


  • The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Sweden legalizes only documents from Sweden and Estonia.


  • All documents must first be attested by the Swedish/Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs before sending them to the UAE Consulate for legalization. Only Commercial Invoices and Certificates of Origin can be attested by the Swedish/Estonian Chambers of Commerce. 
  • All invoices must have Certificates of Origin and vice-versa in order to be legalized by the Consulate Section. Please note that if there is more than one document in a bundle, the Embassy of UAE charges the sender of the documents on a separate basis according to the total number of the documents in the bundle. 
  • Attach a covering letter including the full name of the sender, e-mail address &mobile number. Documents must be sent by registered mail to: Förenade Arabemiratens Ambassad Box 883 101 37 Stockholm Enclose a pre-paid registered self-addressed return envelope. 
  • If the document is going to be returned by a courier, please send a filled and signed consignment note (airwaybill). It takes 3-4 working days in order to process documents after receiving their required values. 
  • The embassy will not be responsible for any incoming or outgoing post which is being sent by normal mail.

Instructions for the new payment method: 

Please note that when legalizing an invoice and a certificate of origin, you must do 2 different payments, for invoices under business and for Certificate of origin under individuals. 

  • fill out the required fields attach documents for attestation.JPG 
  • Click submit 
  • Check your email and follow the instructions on the email you have got from the embassy  No. TYPE OF DOCUMENTS FEE IN AED 

Power of Attorney which includes:

(New License, Appointment of Director, Opening of new branch, Management of shares etc.. when you pay online please choose (under services) Commercial Agencies) 

  • Commercial License
  • Copy of legalized Commercial Power of Attorney 
  • Copy of legalized power of Attorney 
  • Cancellation of a commercial Power of Attorney 
  • Board Resolution Minutes of meeting 
  • Company's Establishment Contract 
  • Commercial Registration / Incorporation of a Company 
  • Registration of a new Product 
  • Copy of Company's Annual Financial Budget 
  • Commercial Power of Attorney to sell a product in UAE 
  • Trade Mark 
  • Capital Shares adjustment 
  • Introduction of a new partnership 
  • Revocation of partnership 
  • Projects accomplished each one separately 
  • End-user Certificate 
  • Certificate of Undertaking for opening a new company branch 
  • Certificate of membership in Chamber of Commerce 
  • Copy of Commercial License 
  • Closure of a company 
  • Cancellation of commercial Licenses
  • Other commercial documents 
  • Distribution Agreement 
  • Deed of Assignment 
  • Certificate of Registration of Medicine / Product 
  • Company Constitution/Financial report/Extract/Details 
  • Change of Name of a Company 
  • Memorandum of Articles and Association 
  • Certificate of Price List 
  • Certificate of incorporation and any other commercial docs 
  • Certificate of Declaration of a Product/Composition No. 

Type of Documents Fee in AED 

Specimen of Directors (only if a separate power of attorney is attached) when you pay online please choose (Regular or Other Certificates) 

  • Certificate of Specification 
  • Notification of a Change of Address of a Company 
  • Special & General Power of Attorney/Judicial Decision 
  • Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce Certificate 
  • Finger Print Certificate / Copy of Passport / Police Check Name 
  • Certificate to Whom it May Concern 
  • Employment Contract / Reference Letter 
  • Medical Report / Driving Aircraft License/Resume 
  • Certificate of Origin 
  • Health Certificate 
  • Certificate of Analysis 
  • Halal Certificate 
  • Radiation Certificate 
  • Certificate of Condition 
  • Packing List 
  • Bill of Loading 

Please check the price or the type of the document with the consulate section before processing with the payment. 

Certificate of Good Conduct You can apply for the Certificate of Good Conduct (clear criminal record certificate) by visiting the following address: 

Please note that applicants must hold an Emirates id card. After receiving this certificate via email, applicants must send a copy of it to the consulate sections email:

And pay the fee for the legalization as mentioned above (instructions for new payment method).

Visiting Address: The Legalization Office Torsgatan 2, 5th floor, 111 23 Stockholm Postal Adress: Förenade Arabemiratens Ambassad Box 883 101 37 Stockholm


Contact Information: Tel: +46 (0) 8 440 03 20 Fax: +46 (0) 8 411 12 45


Working Hours: Consular Services: Visas, Passports & Legalization Monday – Thursday: 09:00 to 11:00

The consulate section will be closed on last working day of every month and on UAE and local public holidays.

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