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UAE Ambassador to Türkiye Participates in "Trade and Logistics Opportunities in Dubai" Conference

Fri 01/7/2022

His Excellency Saeed Thani Al Dhaheri, Ambassador of the UAE to the Republic of Türkiye, participated in the "Trade and Logistics Opportunities in Dubai" conference, which was organized by the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Türkiye (DEIK) in Istanbul.

During his speech at the conference, His Excellency noted the development in bilateral relations between the UAE and the Republic of Türkiye, which has opened new horizons for cooperation between the two countries in all areas that serve mutual interests. This development comes as a result of the strong will and joint forward-looking vision of the leaderships of the two countries in efforts to achieve a more prosperous future for the region.

His Excellency underscored that the UAE's strategic location between Asia and Europe serves both the East and West and provides optimal commercial conditions to facilitate trade, particularly digital. He noted that the Emirate of Dubai has implemented initiatives to develop its infrastructure and technology, as it has an integrated transport system and top-tier logistics.

His Excellency reviewed the strong economic benefits that the UAE offers, especially economic diversity, an attractive investment environment, and its integration with the global economy. He also praised the comprehensive development achieved by the UAE and the highly competitive capabilities it possesses, which have made it an important economic and commercial center and primary destination for regional and international companies.

His Excellency highlighted the importance of these meetings and conferences that contribute to strengthening economic and trade cooperation between the UAE and Türkiye. He also commended the advancement of bilateral relations in various fields and encouraged benefiting from the competitive advantages and growth achieved by the two countries in order to expand bilateral cooperation and serve common interests.

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