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Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship suspends travel using only UAE, GCC national identity cards.

Thu 27/2/2020

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, ICA, issued a decision to temporarily suspend travel using only the national identity cards of citizens of the UAE and other Gulf Cooperation Council, GCC, countries.

The measure, which will come into force at 12:01 on 28th February, is taken as part of a series of precautions to counter the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

The authority highlighted the necessity of using valid passports, to monitor the movement of individuals to and from countries where the virus is present and could pose a threat to UAE citizens and residents.

"The UAE citizens residing abroad who left the country using their ID cards, as well as GCC citizens who entered the UAE prior to the decision, are exempt," the ICA said, adding, that, "These procedures are temporary and subject to review and reassessment."

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