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Travel Ban

Country Date of issue Ban reasons Ban Status
The Islamic Republic of Iran 24-02-2020 Corona virus Active
The Kingdom of Thailand 24-02-2020 Corona virus Active
The State of Qatar 06-05-2017 Political Reasons Active
Karabakh mountainous region 08-08-2016 Political Situation Active

Travel Warnings

Country Date of issue Warning reasons Warning Status
The People's Republic of China 24-01-2020 Corona virus Active
The Lebanese Republic 18-10-2019 Security Situation Active
The Republic of Madagascar 20-11-2017 Plague epidemic Active
Democratic Republic of the Congo 28-12-2016 Security conditions , Ebola epidemic Active
The Republic of Yemen 21-09-2014 Security conditions Active
The Republic of South Sudan 10-08-2014 Security conditions Active
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