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Invitations Services

The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) offers the invitations service for the UAE’s missions abroad, government and local entities and missions accredited by the UAE.

Service Fees
Free service
Service Type
Main Service - Procedural
Service Time
21 working days
Total Transactions

Service Beneficiaries

  • Foreign Missions in UAE
  • Government Entities
  • Government Entities Federal and Local
  • UAE Missions Outside

Required Documents

    Memorandum by the embassy or the government entity 
    A copy of the invitation 
    A list of the invitees’ names in an Excel sheet
    Agenda of the event, if any, and the logistics

Service Application Channels

Service Delivery Channels

Service Procedures

Service steps

Sustainable Development Goals

The society

Terms and Conditions

Validity of the information
Meeting all requirements

For Enquiries

Please call our call center or

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