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Education is a constitutional right of every citizen. Article 17 of the UAE's Constitution stresses the fundamental role of education in the progress of the society and makes education compulsory at primary stages. Ensuring that all girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education, the constitution makes education free of charge at all stages for citizens throughout the UAE. It also maintains that the government should set necessary schemes for spreading education and eliminating illiteracy.

Providing first-rate education system is a pillar of the National Agenda in line with Vision 2021. One of the targets of National Agenda is that UAE students must be best in the world in reading, mathematics, science and have a strong knowledge of the Arabic language. Below are the key performance indicators to achieve a 'First-Rate Education System'.

The National Strategy for Higher Education 2030  seeks to provide future generations with the necessary technical and practical skills to drive the economy in both public and private sectors. It also aims to prepare a generation of Emirati professionals to sustain growth in vital sectors such as knowledge, economy, entrepreneurship and the overall development of the UAE’s labor market.

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