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Welcoming statement by the head of mission

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the main gate of the Consulate of the United Arab Emirates in Melbourne which is your window overlooking the UAE with its beauty and heritage that combines the authenticity of ancient and contemporary at once.

It also aims to launch this website to serve the citizens of the United Arab Emirates in the state of Victoria, the Australian next and answer the questions of your teachers about the topics and consular affairs or from the laws and regulations followed in the UAE in parallel with facilitating the delivery of services and accelerate their completion.

Also, the site works to open new horizons for each of the two states by providing the latest news on the activities of the consulate, Events, National Economic and social systems that embody a relationship of mutual cooperation between the UAE and Australia.

The relations between the United Arab Emirates, Australia, distinct and continuous development under the auspices of the leadership of the two countries. So aim at the Consulate General of the UAE in Melbourne to open new horizons for cooperation, including back interest and benefit of the two countries and the two friendly so that the bilateral relations between the UAE and Australia is experiencing accelerated development reflects the sincere desire of both countries elevating it to the horizons in a shadow over the countries of ties of friendship distinct and common interests including the economic, investment, commercial, educational, health, developmental, and other. 

H.E. Dr. Nariman Al-Mulla

Consul General Melbourne

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