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Zaki Nusseibeh welcomes new cohort of Emirates Diplomatic Academy students

Wed 26/8/2020

Zaki Nusseibeh, Minister of State and Member of the Board of Trustees of the Emirates Diplomatic Academy, EDA, today welcomed the latest cohort of Emirati students and future diplomats, during the Academy’s virtual two-day orientation.

The UAE’s leading diplomatic centre welcomed 79 students that joined the new academic year of 2020/2021. The stimulating orientation provided an overview of the Academy, its departments and faculty members, as well as a thorough introduction into 21st-century diplomacy.

Addressing the aspiring diplomats, Zaki Nusseibeh, said, "Today, more than ever, the world is in great need for diplomats and leaders that not only have key skills in negotiating, as well as the necessary political awareness - but also have an understanding of the importance in shaping relations with nations - through unity, cooperation, transparency and integrity."

He added, "You will now begin your journey that will allow you to truly contribute to your country’s success story and to maintain its leading position. As the future diplomats of the UAE, I urge you to follow the footsteps of our nation’s founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, in continuing the UAE’s strong tradition of soft power approach, and guide others with humanitarian principles, in order to influence the international arena."

He pointed out that principles of peace and security are pivotal in the country’s foreign policy. "The UAE’s wise leadership built a transparent policy based on tolerance, wisdom and understanding, with nations across our borders. I have immense confidence that the EDA’s students will thus carry these principles forward, in their journeys to becoming successful diplomats, worthy of representing this great nation," Zaki Nusseibeh noted.

Out of a total number of 900 applications for the Post-Graduate Diploma, PGD, in UAE Diplomacy and International Relations programme, 41 applications were accepted to join the sixth cohort of the PGD students. The EDA has also welcomed its fourth and largest cohort for the Master of Arts, MA, in Diplomacy and International Relations programme, representing a total of 38 students in the respective programme.

In his welcoming remarks to the students, Bernardino León, Director-General of EDA, said, "Diplomacy plays a crucial role in helping resolve conflicts and political challenges around the world, while strengthening the nation it serves in, as well as allowing it to advance its interests. Diplomacy is a necessity that allows nations to exist in harmony and initiate collaboration with one another."

He pointed out that the knowledge, and skills that each student will gain during their time at the Academy, will help ensure the credibility, longevity and global status of the UAE. "As communication, education and also, diplomacy, have transitioned to a virtual format, the new cohort will, therefore, witness a new method of teaching and training, which I am is confident will lead to success," he added.

Explaining the significance of the programmes that enable students to become top diplomats, Dr Mariam Ibrahim Al Mahmoud, Deputy Director-General, EDA, said, "The PGD in UAE Diplomacy and International Relations, is an academic programme that provides aspiring diplomats with the necessary skills, tools and knowledge required to not only succeed in 21st-century diplomacy but also, to tackle today’s geopolitical challenges as the country’s top representatives across multiple sectors."

"The interest that EDA graduates show by continuing their Masters studies in the field of Diplomacy and International Relations in EDA, is a true testament to the Academy’s successful milestones, in building dynamic diplomats with capabilities that are based on education, insight, skills and a drive, in achieving the aspirations of our wise leadership and the ambitions of our people."

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