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Please consider the following laws and Regulations when visiting Latvia: 

Travel Warnings: 

  • Currency cash restrictions for entry and/or exit is 10,000 Euros (or equivalent) maximum, otherwise you are under a legal obligation to declare it at Customs. 


  • Great medical facilities are available in Latvia, however treatments are not free. Therefore, make sure that you have health insurance to cover the costs of treatment if needed. ARS Medical clinic offers a vast variety of services in English - 

  • Always carry your prescriptions medication in the original container with doctor’s recommendation and double check with the Latvian authorities to ensure the legality of medication in Latvia. 


  • In case of emergency call 112. 

  • To call for non -urgent police services such as reporting a robbery or inquiring about information or guidance regarding permissions issued by them, call 110. 

Traffic Laws: 

  • One must be 18 years old to drive a car in Latvia. 

  • Speed limits in Latvia are: Town/city speed limits - 50km/h. Open/rural roads - 90km/h - 100km/h, unless noted otherwise on traffic signs. 

  • One must use a seat belt while driving. 

  • All children under the height of 150 cm must have weight and height appropriate car seats. 

  • Driving any vehicle, including a bicycle, under the influence of alcohol or drugs is considered a very serious offense. 

  • It is illegal to use the mobile while driving. 

  • Laws are strictly enforced, and violations can result in tough fines.

Travel & Transportation: 

  • Main roads of Latvia are of good quality and connect all areas of the country, however, in the remote countryside gravel roads are common and you should be extra careful. 

  • In winter roads tend to be slippery.

  • Driver must always have lights on. 

  • The road signs use standard international symbols. 

  • Many urban streets have traffic paths reserved for public transport only.
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